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        Southern rural Daily: With the power of science and technology, Haid becoming another "Huawei" of agriculture and animal husbandry industry


        "At present, the overall antibiotic resistance of Chinese people is very high, which is related to the addition of antibiotics in some animal feeds. We hope to increase R&D cooperation with Haid Group in the field of antibiotic substitutes, so that poultry, aquatic products, and other animals can grow healthily and minimize the harm to human health." This is the expectation that Mr. Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, recently expressed to Guangdong Haid Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haid Group").

        Southern rural Daily reports

        With the countdown of "total prohibition of antibiotics", Haid Group takes active action and plans to pass the research of "key technology research and application of microbial fermentation feed" and "key technology research and application of feed antibiotic substitutes", The purpose is to effectively break through the key technology of zero antibiotic feed biosynthesis, provide systematic solutions for substitution for antibiotics feed and carry out demonstration and promotion.

        Academician ZhongNanshan recently expressed his cooperation expectations to Haid Group.

        As a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, at present, Haid Group has formed feed, seedling, animal protection, breeding, slaughtering and processing, food circulation, finance, grain trade, and other business segments, and has constructed a business pattern of the whole industrial chain, in which the total annual feed sales volume ranks the top three in China, among which the aquatic feed sales volume ranks the first in the world.

        Haid has been focusing on the continuous exploration of industrial scientific research for 22 consecutive years

        Excellent technology,R&D is the key to our future

        At the end of the 90s, China's aquatic feed was in its infancy.

        "Facing opportunities, I think my major has a place, so I resigned from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to start my own business." Xue Hua, chair of Haid Group, who graduated from fish and shrimp nutrition major of Sun Yat-sen University, introduced that since 1998, he has led Haid Group to develop from a small workshop factory to one of the fastest-growing, best technical and best service level enterprises in China's agriculture and animal husbandry industry in 22 years.

        "Feed is a highly competitive industry. On this track, Haid can go smoothly. I think the core reason is that the company attaches great importance to technology. The founders of the company are all technical backgrounds." Xue Hua said frankly, "the feed industry is driven by technology. Whether it is feed formula, raw materials, or core additives, the technical requirements are very high. Paying close attention to technology is the foundation for our rapid development and leading the industry. "

        View from outside, Haid Group will be at the forefront of the industry in every field from the initial production of aquatic feed to the production of poultry feed in 2006 and pig feed in 2010. In fact, every two years before entering a link, Haid has begun to make R&D reserves.

        Every two years before entering a link, Haid has begun to make their R&D reserves.

        "R&D investment can produce good returns, but most enterprises in the field do not invest in R&D, and they may be able to make a little profit at the initial stage of the industry when the competition is more and more fierce, the industry profit margin is declining, and our profit margin is rising." "Without R&D, there is no future," Xue concluded.

        With a total R&D investment of RMB 2.5 billion, Haid Group has now established a research institute, three research centers, more than 10 R&D pilot bases, a research and development team of more than 1000 people, over 10,000 independent R&D projects, 2,000 scientific and technological achievements transformation, more than 300 scientific research patents, established a cooperative relationship with more than 50 universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, and carried out research around all links of the industrial chain, from breeding, epidemic prevention, breeding to feed, covers pig, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp and other varieties.

        Haid runs R&D around all aspects of the industrial chain

        Seedling research and development,Generate more profit for farmers

        After starting from the feed business, Haid Group began to expand the breeding sector. Based on specialization, we should expand the industrial chain based on core competitiveness. With the feed business as the core, Haid Group carries out a layout in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as seedling, animal health care, breeding, raw material trade, meat and poultry slaughtering, food processing, etc., to improve the comprehensive profitability and anti-risk ability.

        "By 2006, we found that some farmers did not necessarily make money even if they bought our good feeds. To find out the reasons, either the seedlings are not good, or the breeding technology is not up to standard, or the animal health care products (veterinary drugs, vaccines) cannot keep up with the animals when they are sick. " Xue Hua believes that to make farmers profitable, we need a whole set of supporting systems, including feed, seedling, aquaculture technology, aquaculture mode, and animal health care products. Haid Group adjusted its layout, changed from a single feed product manufacturing orientation to a service-oriented enterprise, providing overall solutions for farmers. The introduction of high-yield aquatic seedlings has opened the way for the development and cultivation of the elite species of Haid Group.

        High-yield aquatic seedlings has opened the way for the development and cultivation of the elite species of Haid Group.

        "Aquaculture seedlings are the foundation and the core link of aquaculture, and high-quality seedlings are the foundation to support the development of the industry." Xue Hua said that in 2007, Haid Group established Hisenor and Bairong seedlings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bairong") to start the business of aquatic seedlings. Hisenor sold more than 15 billion shrimp fry and more than 15 billion fish fry in 2019. It is estimated that the total sales will reach 40 billion fries in 2020.

        In 2015, Hisenor launched its own fast strain shrimp seedlings, which were widely recognized by the market; in 2019, Hisenor launched its own high resistant strain shrimp seedlings, which were put into nearly 1 billion high resistant seedlings in all regions of the country in that year, and were generally recognized by the farmers. In 2020, it is estimated that the sales of high resistant seedlings will reach 8 billion.

        Before, the seedlings were very unstable, slow in growth, and uneven in size. " Yu, a feed distributor of Haid in Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong province, is one of the first customers to try Haid high resistant seedlings. After scientific and artificial breeding, not only have strong disease resistance but also can produce large-scale shrimps. The most important thing is that the properties are the same. Each batch of shrimps put in by customers is very stable, which is very suitable for the local fish and shrimp mixed breeding mode."

        The Mandarin fish feed produced by Qingyuan Haid group (Qingxin) mandarin fish Industrial Park is a series of technological innovations, such as breeding and domestication of improved species, water quality improvement, feed improvement, etc. from the beginning of seedling.

        The Mandarin fish is delicious with high economic value, but its traditional farming procedures are complex and costly. The traditional practice is to build a dace pond next to the Mandarin pond and throw the excrement of livestock and poultry to the dace pond for food, which occupies a large breeding area and seriously pollutes the water quality. “Xue Qunzhi, the assistant to the president of Haid Group and general director of Qingyuan project, said that the above problems have been successfully solved by mandarin fish feed. This technological innovation has reduced the breeding cost of mandarin fish significantly, which has given the farmers a lot of profit space.

        Revival pig industry,Detection of antibodies against ASF in 10 minutes

        Different from the traditional business model of scientific research + product, the application of scientific research of Haid Group is not only in products but also in breeding services. At present, Haid Group provides products and technical service support in the whole process of "seedling - stocking mode - environmental control - disease control - feed - market information" to farmers to ensure that they can use the most advanced breeding technology.

        "Providing farmers with full range of technical services for the farmers can also effectively enlarge customer returns, thereby increasing customer stickiness." Xue Hua said.

        Take pig farming as an example, in order to help the farmers and even the whole industry to develop smoothly, after the outbreak of "ASF", Haid Group rushed to the forefront of the pig's "defensive battle".

        On April 14, Haid Group held an online conference on new technology of "anti & prevent ASF" to show the latest scientific research achievements, the latest ideas and plans of Haid Research Institute.

        Qian xueqiao, director of the Haid research institute, said that in June 2019, the "nucleic acid testing kit for ASF virus" developed by the institute passed the evaluation of the China Animal Disease Control Center. Based on the basic research results of the rapid detection of viral nucleic acid and portable detection, the "ASF virus nucleic acid detection kit" was developed and produced. By collecting nasal and oral mucus swabs, blood, and sending them to the service station after sampling, the results can be obtained within one hour, realizing early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment. It was the only "portable rapid fluorescent PCR" detection kit that was listed in the field rapid detection reagent identification of ASF at that time.

        With the circulation and spread of ASF virus, its virulence will decrease, and most of the infected pigs show clinical symptoms of subacute and chronic infection. At this time, antibody detection is more suitable for the rapid detection of epidemic situation. Based on the above changes, in March 2020, the Haid Research Institute developed the rapid detection kit for the ASF antibody to detect antibodies against P30 protein in swine serum or plasma. As long as a piece of test paper and a drop of blood, it can quickly detect ASF in ten minutes, with an accuracy of 94.2%. It can be used as an on-site rapid diagnosis tool for suspected pigs, combined with nucleic acid detection, to effectively screen infected pigs and ensure the safety of fertilization.

        Rapid detection card for ASF antibody

        At present, the Haid group has helped many nurseries to prevent and control ASF, stop the loss in time, and recover successfully. "Both large-scale pig farms and family farms can go hand in hand with Haid, through the products and services provided by Haid, to share the opportunities in the ASF era, accelerate the recovery of pig production capacity, and promote the stable supply and yield of the 'shopping basket'," Qian said.

        Experts’ review,Scientific research is in line with the development trend of enterprises in the new era

        "Science is the ladder of human progress and the commonwealth of all mankind. As an excellent agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise, Haid Group plays an important role in scientific research investment. On the one hand, it provides a foundation for the rapid development of the enterprise, and on the other hand, it plays a win-win business philosophy of benefiting the country, the people, the society and the industry. " Zhang Lixiang, a professor of Renmin University of China, a doctoral supervisor and a leader of the National Rural Revitalization group, believes that an enterprise's investment in scientific research is not only a realization of the ideals and ambitions of an enterprise but also a reflection of the value of human beings.

        In Zhang’s view, the responsibility of enterprises, especially the national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, in scientific research investment reflects the development trend of enterprises entering a new era. In the past market competition, enterprises mainly win their competitive advantages. After entering the new era, the most obvious sign of enterprise development is the development of pure competition to social contribution. There are two important changes in the development of enterprises in the new era. One is that enterprises and ethics determine the social responsibility of enterprises and bear the social responsibility; the other is that enterprises with simple capital develop into social enterprises, which not only pay attention to social responsibility but also pay attention to industry responsibility.

        "Taking Haid Group's research and development in antibiotic-free feed and research investment in combating ASF as an example, this is not only the need of enterprises to compete with each other but also a model of corporate ethics, social responsibility and social enterprise for the whole industry." According to Zhang, this shows that Haid not only has a lofty ambition but also serves as a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, meeting the needs of the development of enterprises in the new era.

        "For an excellent enterprise like this, the return is naturally great. Therefore, the capital market's valuation of Haid Group is quite high in the agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises, which also reflects that the development of Haid conforms to the development trend of enterprises in the new era. “Zhang said.